why mayor doesnt want lecture progressives

i guess we have a bit of a difference of viewpoint here. I’m not a big fan of the mayor of Chicago, and I don’t think he has any idea what he is doing. He has been making a fool of himself ever since he ran for mayor and now he has a history in all the wrong places. I could just be wrong but I think the mayor should be teaching progressive types about the power of social media, not the guy who wants to be mayor.

If you’re wondering why i am not a politician, I would be glad to explain, as the mayor is a real character and the people who are mayor are the ones who really want to protect the city.

I have a lot of respect for Mayor Martin but I don’t agree with his politics. I think he just needs to give it a rest and take more advice. I think he is so busy he forgot he is running for mayor and has lost his touch. He is like a kid who wants to play football but gets so busy he loses his mind.

My thought exactly. Although I have a lot of respect for the mayor, I wouldn’t say that he is in a bad place. A lot of people in the city have made it clear that they hate his politics and are glad he’s taking time off to look out for them. The mayor is also the one who has to deal with the homeless population who are in a constant state of violence. I mean, you cant just walk into a building and expect to have a nice and peaceful day.

I think that there are some good things going on in the mayor’s world. He has a very active group of social workers who have been trying to help the homeless for years. He has an ambitious plan to restore the school system and is working with the city to expand its public parks. I think that the mayor has a great opportunity to make progress in the city.

The problem is that the mayor is not a one-man-band. He has a group of city council members and it seems that they are more interested in making the public more comfortable, not making the problems in the city easier to solve.

The mayor is a good person. He cares deeply about the city, and he is trying to do the right thing for the city. However, his efforts to help the homeless are not likely to be enough to make the problems in the city go away quickly, so it might be better if he just gives up.

The mayor is a person with a very specific job and he’s trying to do a very difficult job. He has to be the one who manages and fixes the city’s problems, not just talk to people about how to solve citywide issues. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that the current mayor is the wrong choice for the job. The mayor is a very good person who has the job he wants, but it is a hard job.

Well, I mean, if he isnt capable of doing the job, then he should just be forced out. The current mayor is doing a great job, so maybe he should keep it.

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